2011 INFINITI M Walk Around

The INFINITI M exterior design is all new for 2011. The design is reminiscent of INFINITI's Essence concept coupe introduced summer 2009, but with four doors instead of two. It is altogether more swoopy, curvaceous and modern than the previous middle-of-the-road M designs, with a pleasing combination of more curvature and less chrome. The body and underbody are aerodynamically pure, leading to a very low 0.27 drag coefficient, and that leads to a quieter interior, among other things.

INFINITI says the long-hood, short-deck design conveys that the M is a rear-drive sedan, with the severely laid-back windshield and the flowing fenders and body lines accentuating its sportier nature. They say that, for its size, it has the largest interior volume and largest trunk space in its class.

The M line carries high-intensity xenon headlamps, with adaptive lighting optional. A power tilting sunroof is standard, as are power folding and auto-reversing mirrors.


The 2011 INFINITI M has been completely redesigned inside. Everything in the cockpit has been redesigned to be more luxurious to see, touch and use, with beautiful design work on every piece and higher quality materials throughout. The steering wheel, wheel controls, instrument panel, center stack, center console, door panels and seats, all have been redesigned and upgraded.

The intelligent key system used on the 2011 INFINITI M incorporates the normal unlocking and locking features but adds audio setting, climate control settings and navigational settings to the memory in the key, an interesting and useful feature not offered on most luxury cars.

Every M car uses active noise control inside the cabin, a dual microphone system that listens to the ambient noise created by the powertrain, the mirrors, the body, and the tires and produces sound waves that cancel those noises. Even at triple-digit speeds and lots of throttle, the M is very quiet inside.

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