2011 INFINITI G Introduction

The 2011 INFINITI G lineup comprises G37 coupes, sedans, and convertibles, plus a new G25 entry level model. Built on a rear-wheel-drive sports car platform and equipped with suspensions tuned for handling, these cars deliver an enjoyable, enthusiast-oriented driving experience.

The INFINITI G25 is a new entry-level model using a 2.5-liter V6 engine in place of the 3.7-liter V6 used by all the 2011 INFINITI G37 models. Also new for 2011 are high-performance IPL coupes from the INFINITI Performance Line. Also new is the 2011 INFINITI G37 Coupe AWD Sport, an all-wheel-drive coupe with sports suspension and high-performance brakes. A new 2011 G37 Limited Edition convertible comes fully loaded and features unique trim.

All INFINITI G models get subtle styling upgrades for 2011 giving them the look of a sports package, while Sport models get an even more aggressive look.

The INFINITI G sedan, coupe, and convertible are easily distinguished from one another by their styling. But they all have similar exterior dimensions and an identical wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels). All share the same chassis, and their basic structure is shared with the Nissan 370Z, which has a shorter wheelbase.

The INFINITI G37 sedan, coupe and convertible models deliver performance comparable to the 370Z. Nissan excels at these V6s and the G37’s 3.7-liter V6 engine is more powerful than what’s found in the engine bays of many competitors. And it’s calibrated for the response and excitement that enthusiast drivers prefer. The G25 isn’t as fast as the G37, but we found it delivers similar driving dynamics at lower operating costs.

While the sedans offer five-passenger seating, the coupe and convertible models offer sex appeal. All-wheel drive is available for greatly improved traction in snow and rain, helping tame the power these cars can otherwise deliver to their rear wheels.

The INFINITI G shares many mechanical components with the Nissan 370Z sports car on a longer platform, so the sporting character should come as no surprise. Performance has never been an issue with the G, and the interior finish and refinement continues to improve.

All INFINITI G models come standard with rear-wheel drive, which delivers handling characteristics front-wheel drive rarely matches. The standard 7-speed automatic transmission available on all G37 and G35 models is tuned for sporting response, with available steering wheel paddles for semi-manual shifting. All models except the G25 are available with a 6-speed manual transmission, a feature that’s increasingly rare in this class.

The INFINITI G has all the features expected in this category, including leather upholstery, superb audio, and HID headlamps. The navigation system monitors traffic conditions, provides restaurant advice from Zagat and includes a 9.3-gigabyte hard drive with a memory-card slot.

The four-door G is INFINITI’s best seller, and a true sports sedan, reacting to driver commands in the fashion of a sport coupe. Yet it seats four comfortably in all circumstances, with easy in-out access and plenty of stowage space in the trunk. The V6 delivers 328 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque in the sedan.

The two-door INFINITI G37 coupe looks racier than the sedan. Rear-seat room is restricted, however, and adults will not be happy in the coupe’s back seat for long. Instrumentation is first rate, and climate, audio and navigation systems are easy to understand and control. The coupe’s engine delivers slightly more power (330 hp, 269 pound-feet of torque) and the convertible 325 hp.

IPL coupes add 18 horsepower, a more aggressive exhaust note and crisper handling relative to a G37S coupe. The IPL, or INFINITI Performance Line, is offered with both transmissions but not all-wheel drive.

The INFINITI G37 convertible looks a lot like the coupe until a button on the console is pressed. Then it becomes a wide-open cabriolet in about 30 seconds, its three-piece hardtop folding into the rear. The convertible features a Bose Open Air sound system that automatically adjusts audio levels according to vehicle speed and ambient noise. Its climate control system adjusts fan speed based on vehicle speed when the top is open.

The 2011 INFINITI Limited Edition models come loaded and include unique trim and features inside and out. An exclusive Monaco red leather is available only on a Malbec Black IPL coupe, which is painted a black-cherry metallic hue.

INFINITI G models compete with the Lexus IS, Acura TSX and TL, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, Saab 9-5, and Audi A4 and A5. The INFINITI Gs generally deliver better performance and handling or more equipment or both for less cash.

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